Blount County Rescue Squad is currently accepting applications for Junior Squad Membership. Interviews for new member prospects are conducted twice a month. Once your application is received and reviewed, you will be contacted by one of the junior officers to schedule an interview.

The Junior Squad consists of members ages 14-18. The chain of command consists of a Program Director (adult member), SR Advisor (adult member), and four junior officer positions including Junior Captain, Jr. Training Officer, Jr. Admin Officer, and Jr. Public Information Officer.

The Junior Squad consists of two levels:

  • Junior Cadets – Junior Squad members that are ages 14 and 15.  Junior Cadets are not permitted to ride in our emergency response vehicles.  As a Junior Cadet, they will be able to participate in all squad activities and training.  At this age, emphasis is placed on training and learning all aspects of emergency service.
  • Senior Cadets – Junior Squad members that are ages 16-18.  As with Junior Cadets, emphasis is placed on learning and training.  Senior Cadets are permitted to ride on emergency calls and assist our medical crews once they have completed the necessary training and certification classes.

To be a member in the Junior Squad, there are some expectations that must be adhered to:

  • Members must maintain a C (75% average) or higher in their schoolwork.
  • Members must attend meetings (held on the second Tuesday of the month at 1800)
  • Members must attend Team Building Days (held once a month on a selected Saturday)

A minimum of 6 hours per month are required to remain as an active member of the Junior Squad.  These 6 hours include one hour for the monthly junior squad meeting, and 5 hours for Team Building Days.  In addition to these hours, Senior Cadets are also encouraged to schedule shifts so that they can ride with our emergency response teams.

During the first year of membership, there are many certification classes that juniors will be responsible to participate in. All classes are provided by the Blount County Rescue Squad, and are free of charge. click here to see an outline of the training you will be expected to complete, please click here.




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